Save time by choosing trustworthy influencers. Make the right choice by accessing advanced reports that include audience analysis and influencer easy-to-understand metrics.

Influencer analytics tool

With our AI software, we review the profile metrics to analyze the audience of each influencer. In just a glance, you will be able to determine if you should pick that influencer for a collaboration thanks to our Quality Score. Check an influencer's audience locations, age, interests and languages.

Check the quality of an influencer's audience

Get the follower growth rate graph and analyze the growth of the influencer's followers over time.

Advanced metrics

Determine if your budget can cover the costs of the influencer collaboration.

Post and video cost estimates

Our deep Engagement Rate analysis lets you know the real interest of the followers of the influencer. Easily compare the Engagement Rate with the rest of the influencers.

We want you to be able to realize when an influencer has signs of fake likes. Comments/Likes ratio gives you an easy way to detect influencers that are boosting their engagement metrics through bots.

Get the metrics of the influencer's other collaborations to see what to expect from them. You can make predictions about your campaign basing on the influencer's previous ones.

Know what brands the influencer has mentioned

See what competitors the influencer has collaborated with. By knowing which other brands the influencer has been mentioning, you will be able to assess if the influencer will align with your brand's image and values.

We give you an estimated photo and video post cost, based on the latest 12 posts. This metric gets updated as the influencer uploads more media.

See how many likes and comments the influencer gets in their publications.

Access more than 7 million influencers with +5K followers.

Discover influencers in seconds

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