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Add private notes to Twitter influencers to remember relevant information.

Organize the selected influencers in lists by theme, campaign, or whatever you prefer.

Heepsy gives you every tool you need to find the right influencers by location, category and different metrics.

Export contact details of influencers in CSV or XLS format.

Find & contact the right Twitter Influencer

Organize Influencers into lists and export contact details. Contact them and offer them a collaboration.

Organize & reach out

Find top influencers that are in you niche. Select your category and location and discover new influencers in seconds.

Identify new influencers in your niche

Select influencers with real audience with our Audience Quality Score. Check their engagement rate, lasts posts, estimated cost, other mentioned brands and much more.

Influencer analysis

How to find Influencers on Twitter

Use cases of Influencer marketing

Marketing Agencies

Generate more revenue with influencer marketing on Twitter.


Promote your brand on Twitter through the right ambassadors.

Fashion and beauty

Find and activate the best fashion and beauty influencers for your business.

Hotel and travel

Engage travel influencers and

visiting influencers.

Food industry

Build hype attracting the right

influencers to your venue.

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